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Amy Winehouse Crowned Loser Of The Year 2008

Other winners included Katy Perry who picked-up for his controversial Best Track worldwide hit I kissed a girl, on Saturday voted Best New Act and credited as Kylie Minogue Legend Of The Year . Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Kings Of Leon has won all the prizes as part of Virgin Media Music Awards 2008. While Paris Hilton also won a similar award embarrassing - for The Best Hanger . Rather shamefully for Winehouse, the singer was crowned troubled Loser of the Year for the second year in a row.
21.1.09 09:03

Jade Goody To Marry Six Year Younger Beau

Cancer hit British reality TV star Jade Goody promised to marry her boyfriend six years younger Jack Tweed just comes out of prison. Said He Hasnt Formally Proposed Yet But Weve Been Talking About It For Months Theres Just An Acceptance That Its Going To Happen. Jade Goody might die in her 30s Jade Goody planning her funeral, 27, the couple said that tie the knot, even if his illness could mean that it will never be able to do the love, relationships mirror. Co. Tweed, 21, is serving 18 months for attacking a 16-year-old boy, but could be released this week. Uk.
21.1.09 09:03

What Goes Around Comes Around What Now Manny Ramirez

But looks mother rule (in fact, not its. My mother told me forever, I did Do Unto Others As You Would Want Them To Do Unto You. I have a lot of free stuff from strangers. Not need yet another Manny summary of what he does or why he does. I m pretty sure someone coined has done before) in reverse. What if. I have very little anxiety or stress in my life. I m very lucky. You know the story. And in return I have had a lot of exactly what I expected from life. Where it is going and why he not. This is a story about Golden Rule. So that seems unlikely, but what happens if a boy screwed around while all his companions were tough game. And I have friends who never should have. Just suppose. These stories are more abundant than needle marks Clemen ass. The people are nice to me.
21.1.09 09:03

Jackie Chan Comes To Hurstville

The festival, which runs from January 18 to 25 includes the popular Jackie Chan film New Police Story, The Myth and Rob-B-Hood. Eastern European cinema has wowed critics and players, both with its intense action and cunning plots. The festival began last night with the projection of the international hit movie Infernal Affairs 1, which has inspired Hollywood blockbuster The Departed players Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio. Some of Hong Kong most popular and memorable films came to Hurstville this year as part of the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong Film Festival.
21.1.09 09:03

Schwarzenegger Rapped For Plum Jobs

Schwarzenegger has appointed the former lawmakers and political aides of jobs - some of them carrying six-figure salaries - on boards and commissions who fought for abolition, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been influential Californian plum jobs even as he orders to pay for most of the cuts that state employees, the activist anti-tax charge. Two Republicans who recently left the Legislature have been nominated for the unemployment insurance application - a group made up of 12 times the year, and whose members are paid $ 128,109.
21.1.09 09:02


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